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It's Absurd To Imagine That You Can Make Money Online By Just Spending 10 Minutes Per Week "Copy-And-Paste", Right? NOT ANYMORE!

Finally, You Can Now Build Your Email List And Make Money Online - WITHOUT Learning How To Do It And WITHOUT Doing The Work Too.

With the CB Passive Income Extreme, you are building your LIST on full auto-pilot to make money with affiliate marketing.

Now, if you haven't watch the video above, it's best not to continue reading this part because you'll not understand how the system works. But if you've watched, then continue reading...

As your email list is being built, over time, it becomes larger and you’re growing your highly profitable asset. The equation is very straight forward - the more valuable your asset gets, the more money you’ll make.

So, as time goes by, your income becomes exponential  because it's "stacking up".

If 1,000 emails can make $1,000 per month for you, then having 10,000 email list would help to generate $10,000 per month income. But the most exciting part is,  the leap from $1,000 to $10,000 is 10X.

Imagine one day, if you can send out 1,000,000 emails a year like me. Can you imagine how much money you could be making by then?

Of course this doesn’t happens right away, it may take you a few years. After all, this is not a quick rich but isn't it worth the wait?

Heck, it can even be your "retirement plan", if you start building it now!

I want to remind you again, the CB Passive Income Extreme is mend for those who doesn't want to do the work and do not wish to spend the time to study at this moment. It's for those who wants to have experts to build the affiliate business for them and becoming the business owner.

Although we're doing everything for you, you will need to have the right entrepreneurial mindset. Yes, it is possible to make money even in the first month, but if you have a quick rich expectation, this won't work and I don't want to work for this kind of client either.

The core monetization of this business is building YOUR ASSET.

This is not some push button system. A push button system means, magically, money comes out from nowhere to you. This DOES NOT EXIST.

Truth is, THERE ARE A LOT OF WORK REQUIRED, just that all the work are simply being outsourced to us.

We are working very hard for you to build your affiliate business behind the scenes.

So when you see a webpage claiming of a software that can make money on autopilot for you, I'm sorry to tell you that it doesn't exist. There is no such thing - just think, if such thing ever exist, why aren't everyone using it to become rich, right?

With the CB Passive Income Extreme, it's the opposite of push button, yet, it can accomplish the same effectiveness of making money. Because it's exactly how successful people build their businesses - they hire experts to do the work for them and then, "wait" for the business to grow!

Also, there’s no "loophole" or any of those nonsense either.

For instance, there's no such thing as a "traffic loophole", we are just building your business like how any online affiliate business is being built with ads and so on. It's just like you're hiring an agency to run the ads for you. But of course, no agency would wanna do it at the beginning budget of only $100, I'm doing this because I want to help you get started.

Is There An Upsell? Nope.

No upsell and no hidden cost either. The costs are the operation cost for your business, which are the autoresponder and ad budget. But for the autoresponder, you can start for free and only pay when you have your list is built. Which logically, you'll be happy to pay (because you have a list to mail). Personally, I'm very happy to pay for my autoresponder each month :-). 

As for the ad budget, this is your advertising cost - regardless of what online business you are going to do, it's a standard operation cost. But instead of you advertising on your own, we'll help you to get the traffic.

You Will Also Get My Courses For Free

Although you don't need to learn any courses, but while we build your affiliate business and promote it for you, you can also go through the trainings.

1. Digital eCommerce Blueprint Worth $249 - This is my flagship training on how to create a digital information product to sell online.

2. The CB Super Affiliate Training Worth $297 - This was previously offered as a 5-week coaching program and later on, converted into a step-by-step home course to teach not just my proven strategies how not just to earn commission with affiliate marketing, but to become a Super Affiliate.

3. The Newbie Series Training Worth $27 - 10 step-by-step modules that teaches the "must know" knowledge to start internet marketing. Without having this, a newbie will not be able to start an online business.

4. The One Class Away Challenge Worth $99 - It's a 5-module training to show how to launch a brand new digital business by simply giving away a free class on the internet. The 5 modules include: Knowledge Business Monetization, The Content Formula, The 2-Page System, Launch & Automation and Free Traffic And Paid Ads.

5. The Social Media Income Masterclass Worth $495 - Previously, I did a 2-day masterclass to teach my students how to use Facebook Social Media to get new leads and sales every day, even if you are just a one-person digital business and the masterclass was recorded.

6. Get My SOP Worth $79 - This is my step-by-step Facebook training on how to generate leads, it's based on my company's "in-house" SOP handbook for my team.

All of these amazing 6 courses are yours free when you reserve your spot today.

If you are unsure of my affiliate marketing expertise, I hope this will be helpful, a video from Anik Singal, founder of Lurn Inc...
I want to say this again - the CB Passive Income Extreme is for someone with entrepreneurial mindset to succeed.

With that said, go ahead to click the button below to reserve your spot today and we’ll start to build your online affiliate business...

In Case You Need To Understand How It Generates Income For You:

Your webpage will build an email list. We'll build this for you.

Then we promote it for you and when the list subscribes, their emails will be added into:

1. Your autoresponder "evergreen" emails. They'll receive follow up emails for 4 weeks on autopilot. We'll prepare this for you too. 

2. Your "copy-and-paste" email promotions. Every 2 weeks, we'll prepare email templates that you can send to your list, "copy-and-paste".  When your email list is sizeable enough, you can also consider to accept ads to get paid for mailing.

3. The CB Passive Income System. This is where the magic happens. Each week, the system will send out ClickBank product offers to your list under your affiliate link and when there are sales generated, you'll earn the affiliate commissions.

Of course, this is just a super short overview, I've explained in details in the video above. :-)

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