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What's Included In The CB Passive Income Extreme:
The CB Passive Income Extreme is a new "business-in-a-box" to help you build your mailing list and making money online on auto-pilot in the internet marketing niche. This is not a "push button" quick rich, but a "done-for-you" opportunity where we're working for you. There are 3 parts:
  • 1. Building Your Affiliate Business. This is the A-to-Z setup. To achieve this, we'll clone my proven affiliate business for you and put your name to it so that you have a turnkey system.
  • 2. Managing And Monetizing Your Affiliate Business. Business management would include producing the content for your list, email copywriting to convert sales, webpage management, affiliate program research, etc each and every month.
  • ​3. Driving Traffic To Your Affiliate Business. We generate targeted traffic for you to build your email list, using our years of advertising expertise based on your given budget, we'll let you start from as little as $100. This way, you don’t even need to learn anything about traffic but just let us know your desired ad budget later on.
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